An EEG is the recording of the electrical activity of the brain. The activity is recorded onto a computer and stored for review by the Neurologist.

Preparation for the test

  • You must continue to take all medications that have been prescribed by your doctor in the time leading up to and including the test.
  • You need to wash your hair the night before your appointment and arrive for your appointment with dry hair containing no hairspray, mousse, gel, cream, etc.

What does the test involve?

This test takes approximately 40-45 minutes. The test is painless. No injections or medications are given. There are no side effects.

Test Procedure:

  • You will sit in a chair. 24 small electrodes will be applied using a gel to record the brain’s activity.
  • You will be made as comfortable as possible.
  • Most of the test will be conducted with your eyes closed, but you will be asked to open your eyes on occasion.
  • During the test, you might be asked to breathe deeply through your mouth for 3 to 5 minutes. You may become light-headed during this part of the test. This is a normal response and will go away within seconds of ceasing the deep breathing.
  • Following deep breathing a bright light will be placed in front of your eyes, and flashed at various speeds. This too is a painless procedure.
  • Finally, the gel will be cleaned out of your hair (as much as possible) when the test is finished. But your hair will still be rather oily (bring a scarf if at all self-conscious).

Sleep-deprived EEG

You must have no sleep the night before the appointment.